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A miracle?!?! Why?
olives at their best

olives at their best

the olive tree is a formidable plant, powerful, very tolerant to drought, cold and cuts.
The olives, the fruit of this energy have been strained in recent years, they require careful attention to mature to perfection...

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a precious elixir

extra virgin olive oil is the culmination of the annual cycle of the plant.
Only the know-how of the peasant allows the olives to show their potential and deliver this juice, cold-extracted , full of flavors, perfumes, spice and bitterness, true signs of the quality of work

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a precious elixir

a terroir famous worldwide

Italy, and Tuscany in particular, have a very long past illustrating the omnipresence of the olive tree.
The Etruscans (from whom we took our name) before the Romans, already knew the many virtues of this elixir of youth

history of the olive tree

our story

we (Emmanuel and Laura) fell in love in 2007 with this land, planted between Florence and Rome, in the heart of the ancient Etruscan country, at the foot of the Amiata volcano.
It has been 10 years since we caged our 250 olive trees, in the heart of the valley of Seggiano DOP.
Our experience in the field has enriched us and has pushed us to train and improve the quality of our oil.
We offer our oil and experience to select only reference oils.

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our story